19. March 2016

Freezable children

I’m not much of writer of the fiction kind, but if I were, I’d take a crack at this premise:

In the future, humans have the ability and right to put their children into flawless suspended animation.


02. April 2015

Simple inertial scrolling

Here’s an example of inertial scrolling without a lot of elaborate plugin business going all over the place.

The scroll position on web pages can be controlled by simply setting document.body.scrollTop. Other than that there’s only a couple of things you need for inertial scrolling:


04. January 2015

2014, Aspect B

While the year’s activities were dominated by Life Events, I did get some projects done. More than I did in 2013, I think. When I was looking at Darius’s list, I realized I couldn’t remember what I had done beyond the last three months. So, taking stock is a good idea.