21. July 2021

Music for the Twelve

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I have made a nearly two-hour long album.

That sounds really long, I know. But consider this: it is a piece of music that represents events that happen 10,000 years to 10101056 years in the future. It is at least shorter than what it represents!


01. June 2021

Automating the removal of terrible mouth sounds from podcasts

It is important to me to create Small Findings episodes that have information that I myself would want to hear. At the same time, for the sake of sustainability, it is also important to keep it cheap in terms of time and effort . That is to say, if it’s too much work, I can’t justify doing it.

Therefore, I cast aside concerns about slick audio and perfect phrasing and vocal performance.

Here are two other things I do to keep it small enough to fit into my life: