Evil meditation

I was reading The Mindfulness Prescription for ADHD (which, a couple of chapters in, seems OK), and it mentions meditation classes. Presumably, the schools that run these classes position them as positive or at least non-evil.

So, I allowed my attention to travel to this question: If I started a school of evil meditation, would it be a better business than a meditation school without a specific alignment?

In practice, the school would just teach whatever normal meditation schools teach. The evil part would be a marketing stance.

The students would meditate, just like at a typical meditation school, but the instructor would tell them that they were practicing “evil meditation”. Other aspects of meditation would be labeled evil as well, like “evil awareness”, “evil mindfulness”, “evil breath”, “evil posture.”

All of the benefit claims would be the same, except with the “evil” modifier attached:

  • Increased evil clarity
  • Increased evil focus
  • Increased sense of evil calm
  • 11% increase in evil resilience
  • 7.5% increase in satisfaction with evil life
  • Increased evil compassion
  • Increased awareness…of evil
  • Improves evil memory
  • Improves evil sleep
  • Strengthens the evil immune system

And the school facility would be decorated with skulls, “666”s, containers of blood, etc.

Would the idea of doing something evil attract people who would otherwise not try meditation? And would these new meditation students fascinated by evil compensate for the possible group of potential students turned off by evil?

To be honest, I don’t know the answer.

However, I think we can agree that no one else can know either, with the exception of bold investors. And though not all bold investors will be interested in finding out, perhaps evil bold investors (which make up only 80-90% of bold investors) will.