Bold marketing

I signed up to the Stacking the Bricks newsletter. They tell you how to build a business in a way you too can do.

They have one central idea: Visit forums of professionals known to pay for things, see what they want, and make that. I think this idea is valid.

They also bold every third paragraph and write in short sentences.

This style makes me feel like I’m reading:

  • Timmy Failure
  • Matt Furey, a 2010s (and maybe current?) fitness grifter who wrote exactly like this

Much like Cal Newport, Stacking the Bricks have taken one good idea and stretched it. Have you ever read a Cal Newport book? It is like someone took a tweet and asked ChatGPT to expand it to 50,000 words.

Anyway, what they’re going is not the worst, considering, but the scam vibe does their single good idea a disservice.

Want to know what I think is a good way of imparting information?

Download this pdf to find out!

(I’m kidding, but reading those emails right after watching a traditional lecture on linear algebra is quite a contrast.)