2014, Aspect A

This was very much a Life Year, one packed with Life Events. There was one root Life Event that triggered a million Life Subevents.

Katt and I had this guy:


He’s a great guy. On his behalf, we:

  • Found a deleaded apartment.
  • Moved.
  • Called and visited a ton of daycares.
  • Went to child birth classes.
  • Gave birth/supported birth-giving. (I did the support part, BTW.)
  • Went to the doctor a jillion times.
  • Got over baby bodily fluid revulsion.
  • Gave up sleeping in favor getting blasted by night screaming.
  • Fought bizarre and intense paranoia when leaving him at daycare.
  • Googled a lot of infant maladies.
  • Read a lot of Fuzzy Bee and Friends.

Partially on his behalf, we:

  • Established (relative) peace between our cats.
  • I changed jobs.

We are on an ongoing journey to keep him alive (don’t worry, he’s not especially sick, other than an ear infection) and to develop his skills and power.

This endeavor has become rewarding far earlier than expected.

One, I’m simply amazed that he exists. I have never seen someone go from not existing to existing. When he was born, he crossed the line from theoretical to real as hell.

Two, he’s often happy, and when he is, it is far happier than any adult is even capable of being. You’d think that it’d be sad to be reminded of one’s emotional limitations, but nah, it’s more like witnessing a guy playing amazing guitar solos that you never could.

Well, that was meant to be a preface for a post where I talked about the projects I did this year. Bumping that to a future post.