15. January 2018

Platform-free bots

I’ve made several bots over the years. They’re mostly Twitter bots. Some of them are throwaway larks, and some of them only work in the moment. If Twitter becomes too harmful to humanity to gift with free content, I’m OK with letting those go. However, there are many bots whose fate I want to keep in my own hands, rather than Twitter’s. To that end, I built a static site updater.


26. February 2017

Organizational failure at a garage

Saturday, 11 AM

I talked to a friendly manager at a garage in the morning on Saturday. He explained a problem with my car via a demonstration, which was novel to me. It won me over and made me feel I could trust this garage. He said they could probably have the problem fixed by 6 PM that night, but if not certainly by Sunday. I agreed to the repair and left.

That turned out to be a mistake.