Get from Library is a super basic bookmarklet that will find books for you in the Minuteman Library Network (a Masschusetts-area group of libraries).

Cut the friction between thinking you'd like to read a book and reading it! With Get from Library, you don't have to pay anything, you don't have to remember anything, and you don't have to open up another web page and type anything.

Here is how you use it:
  1. Drag this to your bookmarks bar:

    Get from Library!

  2. Highlight text on any web page.
  3. Hit the Get from Library button to search .
  4. Click on the "Request It" button next to the book you want.
  5. Follow the steps to get it sent to a convenient library branch.
  6. Wait for the email saying your book is in.
  7. Go pick up your book!

For example:

Want to search libraries inside of Boston? Try the Boston Public Library version.